Upholstery Cleaning

We all have favourite comfy items of furniture that we want to keep forever. But when people are lounging around year after year, watching football, eating or enjoying a sunday snooze wear and tear is inevitable. But with regular professional cleaning you can extend the life of sofas and chairs and even get them looking as good as the day you picked them out of the showroom.

Comfy furniture can feel like part of the family, so give it the love and care it deserves with our upholstery cleaning services.

Cleaning furniture takes specialist cares as there are so many different fabrics involved. The TidyMAX experts take great care to inspect your furniture so we can be sure that we're using the best cleaning methods possible.

After a thorough clean to remove dust and large particles, we use a hot water vacuum to deep cleanse your furniture and specialized cleaners for any areas of heavy soiling. We also take care to look after your cushions and any other covers to ensure your favorite furniture continues to impress and caress.

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