Pet Stain Removal

We love our four-legged friends but there are times when our pets can make a real mess of our homes and offices, leaving stains, smells, hair, and food spills on our carpets and furnishings. This is almost guaranteed with younger animals that are not yet house trained. So put the dog in the yard and call in the experts at TidyMAX. We locate and get rid of hard-to-shift stains and eliminate odors caused by animals. We can also tailor the process for a range of different pets.

Our furry friends don't mean to mess up the carpets but when they do, call in TidyMAX to put things right with pet-friendly cleaning.

Our pet-friendly products clean your carpets, rugs, and upholstery even in the case of urine that has soaked right through to the padding of your carpets. It is important to do this quickly as urine especially can affect the dyes in carpets and discolour them. In addition, animals tend to return to the same spot to do their business each time and you could have to replace a whole carpet after repeated soakings.

We have a range of techniques to remove pet stains and odors. If man's best friend is becoming an enemy of your carpets, it's time to call in TidyMAX .

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