Oriental Rug Treatments

Persian carpets are beautiful handcrafted items that can cost many thousands of dollars, so when it comes to getting them cleaned, you really should only trust an expert team. To ensure your rugs vibrancy, it's worth getting it cleaned every couple of years or so.

We carry out stringent tests to ascertain the makeup of your rug before cleaning, dusting, vacuuming and doing spot checks to attack any heavy stains. We then use specially formulated shampoos and water vacuums to get rid of any ingrained dusts and can deal with wool, cotton, and silk as well as a range of dye types.

Ensure your woven wonder of a rug retains its gorgeous colours and make sure spills or stains are washed away forever thanks to TidyMAX

Don't trust your precious family heirlooms to just anyone, bring in the experts from TidyMAX and you'll enjoy vibrant woven artwork that you can pass on to the next generation.

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