Odor Treatment

There can be nothing as unpleasant as a bad smell in your home, while bad odors in your office or commercial property can damage your business by ruining the customer experience. Bad odors have many sources with pets being one of the most common reasons for smelly homes and carpets. The experts at TidyMAX can achieve complete neutralization of bad odors by finding the source and using our expertise to treat the cause.

Banish bad odors and neutralize nasty smells forever. Let TidyMAX get your homes and offices smelling as fresh as a summer day.

We are trained in detecting the sources and locations of noxious smells and can treat them with eco-friendly chemical solutions that break down bacteria and proteins that cause smells to linger, even if they are deep within your carpet or the padding of furnishings.

We can also use steam cleaning to remove the source of bad smells and apply stain removers where necessary. So if you've an odor problem, get in touch with the TidyMAX team and let us banish those bad odors for good.

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